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Conflict of Interest Policy

The Political Reform Act (Government Code §§ 81000, et seq., hereinafter referred to as the Act) requires state and local government agencies to adopt and promulgate conflict of interest codes. The Fair Political Practices Commission (“FPPC”) has adopted a regulation (2 California Code of Regulations § 18730) which contains the terms of a standard conflict of interest code, which can be incorporated by reference in an agency’s code. After public notice and hearings it may be amended by the FPPC to conform to amendments in the Act. Therefore, the terms of § 18730 and any amendments to it adopted by the FPPC are hereby incorporated by reference. This regulation and the text here designating officials and employees and establishing disclosure categories shall constitute the conflict of interest code of the District.

The full text of Section 18730, together with any amendment thereto, may be found at:

Designated positions shall file statements of economic interests with the District. Upon receipt of the statements, the District shall make and retain a copy and forward the original of this statement to the County Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Statements of Economic Interests are public records available for public inspection.

DESIGNATED POSITIONS: The designated positions listed below are required to file Form 700 Statements of Economic Interests disclosing certain personal financial interests. These positions are required to file the applicable individual schedules to report investments, business positions, sources of income and interests in real property located in the District’s jurisdiction. The applicable schedules to be filed for each position are based on the disclosure category assigned to the designated position.

Designated positions:

Board Member - Category 1 General Manager - Category 1 Consultant - Category 2


Disclosure Category 1: Persons in this category shall disclose:

Interests in real property located entirely or partly within District boundaries, or within two miles of District boundaries, or of any landed owned or used by the District.

Investments or business positions in or income (including gifts, loans and travel payments) from sources that provide, plan to provide, or have provided in the last two years facilities, goods, software, hardware, or services, including consulting services, to the District, or are engaged in the acquisition of real property within the District.

Disclosure Category 2: Persons in this category shall disclose:

Consultants shall disclose pursuant to the broadest disclosure category in the conflict of interest code subject to the following limitation: the District may determine in writing that a particular consultant is hired to perform a range of duties that is limited in scope and, thus, is not required to comply with the full disclosure requirements described above, but instead must comply with more tailored disclosure requirements specific to that consultant. Such a determination shall include a description of the consultant’s duties and, based upon that description, a statement of the extent of the disclosure requirements.