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Ready, Set, Go!

It is not a matter of "if", but rather "when" a wildland fire will tear through our community. Get prepared now! Make sure you have a plan ready for you and your family, including your animals (large and small).

Evacuation Preparedness

EVACUATION From Wildland Fire ~~ Info provided to SIG 10-9-15.pdf

Evacuations save lives and allow responding personnel to focus on the emergency at hand. This EVACUATION section is intended to inform and assist you with being better prepared for an evacuation, and what you can do to make your home better prepared to survive a wildfire.

Know your routes out of the community!

Grizzly Flats Alternate (Evacuation) Sign Pamphlet Trifold Brochure.pdf

It's best to become familiar with all possible routes out of the community before  the emergency occurs!

Take time to drive each of the routes during good weather (past the snow season when all the routes are clear and open).

Knowing the roads well during daylight hours and non-smole conditions will help if you have to evacuate at night during smoke and fire conditions.

Wildland Fire Awareness

GFFSC Wildland_Fire_Awareness.pdf

Our properties are located in the WUI (Wildland- Urban-Interface) where we enjoy the environment of the mountain forest and all that it provides. A wildland fire would change our environment, animal habitat, our community, our properties and our lives. Fortunately, we have the ability to prevent and/or manage such an event.