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Current and Past Minutes and Agendas

2025 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

2024 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

2023 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

GFFSC Minutes - 1-7-2023.pdfGFFSC Agenda 1-7-2023(1).pdfGFFSC Agenda 2-4-2023.pdfGFFSC Minutes 2-4-2023.pdfGFFSC Agenda 03-04-2023.pdfGFFSC Minutes 3-4-2023.pdfGFFSC Agenda 4-1-2023.pdfGFFSC Minutes 4-1- 2023.pdfGFFSC Agenda 5-6-2023.pdf



2022 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

GFFSC Minutes - 11-5-2022.pdfGFFSC Agenda 11-5-2022(1).pdfGFFSC Minutes - 10-1-2022.pdfGFFSC Agenda 10-1-2022.pdfGFFSC Minutes - 9-10-2022.pdfGFFSC Agenda 9-10-2022.pdfGFFSC Minutes - 8-6-2022.pdfGFFSC Agenda 8-6-2022.pdfGFFSC Minutes - 7-9-2022.pdfGFFSC Agenda 07-9-2022.pdfGFFSC Agenda 06-4-2022.pdfGFFSC Minutes 06-4-2022.pdfGFFSC Minutes 05-7-2022.pdfGFFSC Agenda 05-7-2022.pdfGFFSC Minutes 04-2-2022.pdfGFFSC Agenda 04-2-2022.pdfGFFSC Minutes 03-05-2022.pdfGFFSC Agenda 03-05-2022.pdfGFFSC Minutes 02-05-2022.pdfGFFSC Agenda 02-05-2022.pdf



2021 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

GFFSC Minutes 08-07-2021.pdfGFFSC Agenda 08-07-2021.pdfGFFSC Minutes 07-10-21.pdfGFFSC Agenda 07-10-2021.docx.pdfGFFSC Agenda 06-05-2021.docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 05-01-2021.pdfGFFSC Agenda 05-01-2021.docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 4-10-2021.pdfGFFSC Agenda 4-10-2021.docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 3-06-2021.pdfGFFSC Agenda 3-06-2021.docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 2-06-2021.pdfGFFSC Agenda 2-06-2021.docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 1-09-2021.pdfGFFSC Agenda 1-09-2021.docx.pdfGFFSC Cancelled Meeting Notice for Electronic Storage Caldor.pdf



2020 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

GFFSC Minutes 11-07-2020.pdfGFFSC Mtg Agenda 11-07-2020.docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 10-03-2020.pdfGFFSC Mtg Agenda 10-03-2020.docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 09-12-2020.pdfGFFSC Mtg Agenda 09-12-2020 .docx.pdfGFFSC Mtg Minutes 08-01-2020.pdfGFFSC Mtg Agenda 08-01-2020 .docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 07-11-2020.pdfGFFSC Mtg Agenda 07-11-2020.docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 06-06-2020.pdfGFFSC Mtg Agenda 06-06-2020 .docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 05-02-2020.pdfGFFSC Mtg Agenda 05-02-2020.docx.pdfGFFSC Cancelled Meeting Notice 2 for Electronic Storage.pdfGFFSC Minutes 03-07-2020.docx.pdfGFFSC Mtg Agenda 03-07-2020 .docx.pdfGFFSC Minutes 02-01-2020.docx.pdfGFFSC Mtg Agenda 02-01-2020 .docx.pdfGFFSC Mtg Agenda 01-04-2020.docx.pdf



2019 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

GFFSC Agenda 09-07-2019.pdfGFFSC Minutes 08-03-2019.pdfGFFSC Agenda 08-03-2019.pdfGFFSC Agenda 07-13-2019.pdfGFFSC Minutes 06-08-2019.pdfGFFSC Agenda 06-8-2019.pdfGFFSC Minutes 04-06-2019.pdfGFFSC Agenda 04-06-2019.pdfGFFSC Agenda 05-04-2019.pdfGFFSC Agenda 03-02-2019.pdfGFFSC Agenda 02-02-2019.pdfGFFSC Agenda 01-05-2019.pdf


2018 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

GFFSC Agenda 11-03-2018.pdfGFFSC Minutes 10-06-2018.pdfGFFSC Agenda 10-06-2018.pdfGFFSC Agenda 09-08-2018.pdfGFFSC Minutes 08-04-2018.pdfGFFSC Minutes 04-07-2018.pdfGFFSC Agenda 01-06-2018.pdf


2017 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

GFFSC Minutes 09-09-2017.pdfGFFSC Agenda 04-01-2017.pdfGFFSC Minutes 03-04-2017.pdfGFFSC Agenda 03-04-2017.pdfGFFSC Agenda 02-04-2017.pdfGFFSC Minutes 01-07-2017.pdfGFFSC Agenda 01-07-2017.pdf


2016 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

GFFSC Agenda 11-05-2016.pdfGFFSC Minutes 10-01-2016.pdfGFFSC Agenda 10-01-2016.pdfGFFSC Agenda 09-10-2016.pdfGFFSC Agenda 08-06-2016.pdfGFFSC Minutes 07-09-2016.pdfGFFSC Agenda 07-09-2016.pdfGFFSC Minutes 06-04-2016.pdfGFFSC Agenda 06-04-2016.pdfGFFSC Agenda 04-02-2016.pdfGFFSC Agenda 03-05-2016.pdfGFFSC Agenda 02-06-2016.pdfGFFSC Agenda 01-09-2016.pdf


2015 GFFSC Meeting Minutes and Agendas

GFFSC Agenda 11-07-2015.pdfGFFSC Minutes 08-01-2015.pdf